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G.O.R. 001

G.O.R. 001

Обычная цена $99.00 USD
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Ricardo is an artist who masters various techniques such as drawing, illustration, sculpture, CGi, and combines them to obtain surprising results.

The work G.O.R 001 by Ricardo Salamanca is a piece that was built in parts using clay, wood and colored pencils, then each piece was photographed in high resolution and joined by photo editing software to achieve a final model with an amazing quality and resolution .

G.O.R 001 is a serialized work and is delivered on Baryta cotton paper with pigmented inks or facemounted under acrylic glass with UV protection.
This will be one of the works exhibited by GALLY and Artlabbe at the Miami Context art fair during the week of December 4-9 in Booth C126.
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